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9 Ways Preschools Teaches Kids Resilience

Provide a safe environment

Successful preschools create a safe environment for children to explore the world around them, which fosters confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Posso preschool classroom is equipped with ample facilities and material that inspire children to learn through hands-on activities. There are often interesting science experiment projects such as growing sprouts in a jar, a place to practise building ramps and a fake kitchen/vet/supermarket where inventiveness flourishes.

Encourage your children to be self-sufficient

Toddler and preschool teachers devote a significant portion of their day to teaching children self-help skills through the use of a toolbox of positive encouragement and motivation. The phrase "I can't do it!" has no place in Posso Preschool.

Encourage children to make decisions

Allowing children to make decisions teaches them to trust themselves. Children make decisions in preschool every day, some guided and some not. What kind of toys do they want to play with? Who will they be playing with? Learning to ask oneself questions such as, "What colour should I paint this truck?" or "What will I create with these blocks?"

Encourage children to self-regulate their behaviours and develop patience

Preschool classrooms are often bustling with activity. Some children may require assistance going to the restroom while another requires assistance putting on their shoes to go to the playground. Fortunately, competent teachers equip children with skills that guide them to be patient and cooperative.

Support children in developing empathy

When children help others, they not only develop the ability to do good, but they also build self-confidence. Posso Preschool has conducted a class that focused on friendships where we have a new question of the day every day: "What is a friend?" “How can you create a new friend?” and so on. It was an excellent method to get kids thinking about friendships, different opinions and sparking a conversation.

Develop critical thinking skills

Children are given the opportunity to exercise their own independent judgement when they acquire critical thinking skills. They are frequently challenged to examine alternative ideas: “What do you anticipate will happen at the end of this storey?” “Do you suppose this dinosaur eats meat, plants, or both? What is it that makes you think this?” “How do you think this potato spud we're growing will turn out?”

Provide opportunities to take on meaningful roles

Children are given many opportunities to take on responsibilities that build self-esteem and a positive view of themselves, whether they are the teacher's assistant, the line leader, or the weatherman during circle time.

Create a positive environment

A positive outlook is a cornerstone of a resilient child. Never underestimate the power of a grin, chuckle and overall positive spirit of our preschool teachers!

Providing love and support for each child

Children who form positive relationships with non-family members are more likely to be self-confident and have a positive self-image. Although many children can be difficult, preschool teachers are encouraging and compassionate.

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