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Chinese Immersion Curriculum

With China already a global economic and political power, being proficient in Chinese is highly essential for your child’s success in their future careers.


Children have a vast capacity to learn various languages at a young age and what better time to immerse them in Chinese than their preschool days?


We place equal emphasis on English and Chinese. We not only teach Chinese as a language, but also conduct our lessons in Chinese.

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Immersion Approach

For half of your child’s learning time with us, they are fully immersed in a Chinese speaking environment. Our native Chinese educators will only communicate with them in Chinese and also encourage them to use Chinese to express themselves and communicate with one another.

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Proprietary Mandarin Curriculum

Our Chinese curriculum is developed in-house by our team of native Chinese curriculum writers. Every lesson plan and teaching material is thoughtfully designed in order to stimulate and guide our children towards the effective use of Chinese as a medium for thought, expression and interaction.

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Diverse Learning Experiences

Our Chinese curriculum adopts a broad-based learning approach to allow children to use Chinese in a variety of contexts and situations. Activities and games are delivered in Chinese, in conjunction to English, in order to reinforce listening, reading, comprehension, sentence formation and expression of the Chinese language. Every child is unique; some excel in artistic or creative pursuits, some do better in social and interactive settings. Varied learning experiences therefore bring out the best in every child and allow them to master the language in their own special way.

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