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Our Curriculum

Posso Preschool’s curriculum is based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences developed by Harvard Professor Howard Gardner. The theory suggests that people do not have just an intellectual capacity, but have many kinds of intelligences, including musical, interpersonal, spatial-visual, and linguistic intelligences.

Our Programmes: Image

Multiple Intelligences

At Posso Preschool, we provide our children with an environment to interact, be involved and be inspired to develop the various forms of intelligences. Our programmes adopt a specially designed and proven curriculum that recognises our children’s strengths and identify areas they need help with.

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Parents are encouraged to ask the question:

“How is my child smart?” rather than “How smart is my child?”


Gardner’s theory provides parents with a way to think about what children do,

what they are interested in doing and how to support the uniqueness of each child.


Our Curriculum Strengths

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Rotation Approach

Children rotate across different classrooms during the day to ensure their learning environment varies. Each classroom is purposefully designed for a particular subject.


Subject Specialists

Teachers specialise in 1-2 particular subjects, based on their strengths, interests and personalities. Each teacher can teach up to 5 different levels for that particular subject which ensures consistency in curriculum delivery.

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Fully Bilingual

There is an English and Chinese lesson for each subject. They are taught by native English and Chinese speakers. This ensures that every child is able to use both languages effectively as a medium for learning, communication and expression.


Well Rounded Education

Apart from our core subjects (English, Chinese, Phonics and Maths), we offer five other enrichment modules (ArtEffect, My Little Lab, Kids Can Cook, Kids, Camera, Action! and Kidnastics) which are included in the program fee.

Curriculum Subjects

Our curriculum comprises eight separate subjects that tap on each of the child’s multiple intelligences.


English & Phonics

Our shared book approach introduces language through rhymes and stories. It encourages children to actively participate and acquire skills in listening, speaking and reading.



We set a strong foundation by developing early numeracy skills in young children. Our math activities incorporate learning through play by using a variety of concrete materials that makes learning fun and interactive.

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Chinese & Phonics

Learning Chinese can be fun! Our Chinese curriculum utilises a variety of hands-on activities such as language games and role play. This helps to equip our children to use Chinese accurately in different contexts and situations.

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Kids love to splash, paint and draw! Our ArtEffect programme is designed to give your child a fun, comprehensive and enriching art experience.

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My Little Lab

Through fun, interactive and engaging experiments, My Little Lab creates environments that engage the senses of young children, nurturing their natural desire to investigate and helping them to develop scientific minds.

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Kids Can Cook

Through hands-on baking & cooking lessons, children are able to explore their five senses and enhance their fine motor skills in a wide range of cooking techniques.

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Kids, Camera, Action

Our speech & drama programme immerses our children in engaging story-based adventure, filled with song, dance, fingerplay, props and dressing up!

Kidnastics - Structured.jpg


Gross motor skills play an important part in every child’s development and our Kidnastics programme provides physical activities to develop your child’s sense of balance, physical coordination and spatial awareness.

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