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Indoor Activities For Kids At Home

Whether you're facing rainy Singapore days or pandemic restrictions are back in town, we've got all the boredom busters and at-home activities to keep the kids busy!

If you have children, then you will be familiar with the days in which they are stuck indoors and feeling bored. You may often feel as though there is nothing productive for them to do around the house.

There is a range of activities that can be fun and educational. It might take a little imagination and ingenuity, but you are sure to come up with some ideas if you put your mind to it.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Alphabet Matching Game

It helps with sorting, letter recognition, and fine motor skills as they search, seek, pick up, and place each letter! You could even cut out two copies of the letters and play a memory game with half the alphabet at a time!

Make A Toy Garage

With a cardboard box, kitchen roll tubes, scissors and tape, you can create this homemade toy-car garage for toddlers. They can pull all the cars out, then working out which cars can fit in which tubes! So simple to make and hours of fun!

Math With Erasers

You can use tiny erasers or any similar objects to teach your kids math concepts, such as counting. Having objects to hold, touch, and interact with help us experience abstract ideas in a concrete way. They can pick up erasers with tongs and placed them according to the number on on each grid.


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