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Teaching Children To Help Others

How do you teach children the importance of helping others? Modeling kindness, having discussions about valuing those around us, reading children’s books about friendship, and participating in hands-on learning experiences are all great ways to not only tell, but show children how important it is to be a loving, caring person.

Fostering empathy in kids through purposeful learning activities happens all the time in Posso Preschool. Let's look at some easy and practical ways to instil in your child the habit of helping others;

Engage In Community Activities

Take part in community activities like cleaning up the local park or donating old books to less-privileged children. You can explain to your child how helping the community will make them a loved and respected person.

Put Others Before Self

Read out stories from books that show helping others and ask your child to point out those who are helping others and those who aren't. Make your child understand that instead of worrying about their own comfort all the time, they should put the needs of others first.

Show And Express A Sense Of Morality

Children understand some things are wrong because they cause harm to others (eg.hitting).

Talking about the simple lesson of good vs bad or right vs wrong is a simple, yet powerful way to tackle the essential lesson of morality.

Practice Recognition

Children may notice and look concerned about another child crying, but feel overwhelmed by the child's cries and avoid intervening. Yet, you can still teach them to look for the signs as a way to start building empathy.

Express Gratitude

When we remember why we are grateful for someone, we naturally want to help and support them. Talk to your child about friendships that have and encourage them to communicate the reasons they enjoy spending time with friends.

By teaching your child to help others, you can bring out that aspect of his character which everyone around him will appreciate. Helping others will also make your child realise that it is his moral responsibility to help and care for those around him.


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