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Our Programmes

Our curriculum is designed using the Multiple Intelligences approach and aligned to the Ministry of Education’s Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) framework. From a young age, we expose our children to a wide range of learning areas to draw out their interests and strengths.

Our Highlights

We believe in building a strong foundation in the early years of a child’s development. Your child is born with a a great deal of potential. Let them surprise you.

Infant Care

Our infant care programme caters for infants aged 2 – 18 months. Our activities focus on developing a child’s gross motor skills and building their reflex and control movements. Our infant play equipment provide appropriate sensory stimuli to boost a child’s coordination and sense of balance.

Find out more about our infant care programme here.


Our playgroup programme focuses on hands-on experiential and experimental learning experiences, designed to actively engage your child as he/she first steps into a structured learning environment. Our classes are filled with enjoyable activities such as games, music, art, stories, reading, writing, water and sand play, all designed to spark curiosity, encourage inquisitiveness and provide opportunity to develop their creative minds.

We focus on developing their gross motor skills and social skills, setting the foundation for further learning in later years.

Most importantly, to have fun and discover for themselves what an amazing place this world is!

Nursery 1

Our Nursery 1 programme introduces more activities and games to reinforce their language and math learning. Our children will be able to recognise and remember alphabets and basic numbers. We also start developing our children’s fine motor skills by immersing them in more fun-filled art and craft activities and cookery lessons. As they get more familiar with their peers, they further develop their social skills and learn the importance of sharing and taking turns. Our children are also immersed in conversations and thought process and encouraged to start expressing their thoughts.

At this young age, all our lessons (math, science, art and craft and cookery) will be taught in Mandarin as well. We believe a strong bilingual proficiency foundations starts from young.

Nursery 2

Continued literacy development will be an important focus of our Nursery 2 programme where children start to read and engage in story telling and group discussions to develop their phonetic skills. Children will learn to blend and form basic words using letters.

Simple arithmetic concepts such as adding and subtraction will be introduced using age-appropriate teaching aids (such as plastic ice cream scoops) to build on their math-readiness skills under a variety of learning experiences. Fine motor skills are further developed through paper craft activities such as rolling, shaping and gluing paper together to create beautiful pictures. These activities will also help develop the child’s creativity, patience, concentration and diligence.

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 1 builds on the foundation in various fields set by earlier learning years by providing a progressive and stimulating learning process. More complex concepts and challenges are being presented which further develops a child’s language, numerical, hand-eye coordination, analytical and social skills. Children will learn the importance of teamwork and be given opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills through team games and speech and drama classes.

The programme will emphasise on building the children’s reading, writing and numerical skills. Science experiments will take on a more active role as children are exposed to more real-life physical concepts. All this with the all rounded experiences offered by our art and craft, cookery and fitness programmes.

Kindergarten 2

Our Kindergarten 2 classes will focus on preparing your children for Primary School. Children will be introduced to common aspects of Primary School learning such as spelling, hanyu pinyin and comprehension. They would be encouraged to form longer sentences and reinforce their grammar such as proper use of singular or plural.

Children will also be guided to make interesting introduction, comprehensive content and logical conclusions by identifying characters, problems and solutions.

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