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Parents’ Testimonials

Fiona, Mother of Charlotte (K1)

“Charlotte has been in Posso Preschool for about 1.5 years. We are so far very satisfied with the services provided in Posso and will not hesitate to recommend friends to Posso.

Charlotte stopped crying the fourth day she was in Posso, likely because she has been very engaged there. As she grows older (K1 this year), she started to tell me more about the school and the happenings. I could tell that she enjoys herself a lot there. Recently, we were away for 2 weeks on a vacation. Upon the third day, she started asking when she can return to Posso and how she missed her teachers and friends.

I am an educator myself. I went through Posso’s curriculum this year and am impressed. Their books have been revamped and follow even more closely in line with MOE syllabus. Although the curriculum follows closely to the layout of the Primary syllabus, the school focuses on conceptual teaching. They managed to do it in a fun and interesting manner that children are able to retain the concepts better. My daughter returned home and started setting number bonds questions on the whiteboard for herself to attempt.

They have a very spacious set up, with a big trampoline area for the children to have fun and a well equipped cookery room. My daughter loves the cookery class and will remind me to place a lunch box in her bag so that she can bring home the goodies they make in school. This is how she takes pride in their end products.

Their concert last year touched me deeply. I was almost moved to tears when I saw my daughter perform gracefully on stage. I wonder how she remembers all the steps. All these wouldn’t have happened without the teachers’ patient guidance. It’s not easy to put the performance together especially when they are working with young children. They have nurtured confident and courageous children. The meticulous planning, the DIY props, the costumes selection, the choreography, and getting them ready for the big show was so well done! The concert left us feeling touched and we really appreciate the hard work they had put in.

They have a mobile app which keeps us in the loop of the school’s happenings. Communications with the School is made so much easier. There are regular updates on their Facebook group too for parents. Seeing my daughter engaged in activities make me feel assured she’s learning and adapting well in Posso.

I really thank Posso so much for carving such awesome memories to my daughter’s preschool experience. It’s priceless.”

Mr and Mrs Li, Parent of Jiayun (K2)

“I must say so far Posso is the best childcare centre experience we have had. Our child Jia Yun transferred to Posso last year, she loved the place at first sight (thanks to the super attractive Kidnastics trampoline). The next day onwards, Jia Yun adapted to the new environment happily without any problem. Teachers and children are friendly, classes and activities are full of fun, facilities are clean and well maintained. Every day Jia Yun will get up early for her morning routine and go to school happily, feeling like she is going to a theme park. She even wants to go to school on weekends!

Academic and behavior training are also well addressed. Jia Yun had a very smooth transition when she went to P1 early this year. She is happy at school and has no problem to cope with P1 study or to cooperate with teachers and peers.

Many thanks to Xiao Mei’s mommy who referred us to Posso. We feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. We miss all of you!”

Jessica, Mother of Rain (K1)

“I’m a mother of two kids – 5 and 16. Rain joined Posso Preschool when she was 3 and she is in K1 now. I am someone who is very particular about preschool. My philosophy with kids is play all you can when it’s time to play. Study hard when it’s time to study. I still remember the day when I first visited Posso Preschool at Big Box.

What first caught my attention was the the Centre Director, Jaime. An awesome young chap who shared the school philosophy with me. He was very helpful – showing me the spacious compound and explaining the usage of each classroom including the trampoline room. Oh my and last but not least the activities in school. Every activity is fun-filled and unique. I’m so proud of Rain and the Posso Preschool team! They brought so much joy to me! A school filled with fun and laughter! And they use love, care & concern to guide every single kid in hand. I’ve seen the team’s hard work in bringing out the confidence in the children!

Hey! If you don’t believe me, head down and you will never turn back! Kudos to Posso Preschool team at Big Box! I’m proud of you! Regretted not sending in Rain earlier… How I wish I can study here too!”

Mother of Coco (N2)

“My daughter was the very first student at PG class back in 2015 when Posso just started. I think she had a very very good time at Posso for the past three years.

Teachers are generally young but they take care of kids. There are so many activities at school. They even have weekly cookery class and they will prepare apron and chef hat for kids. All these classed like speech and drama, cookery, arts etc, are not charged at extra cost – all included in the monthly school fee, which is very rare in Singapore.

They also teach a lot of things. When my daughter was with Posso, she can sing many songs (both English and Chinese); she can perform confidently in front of many parents during their mini showcase every term; The excursions organized by Posso are always interesting and my daughter described everything in details to us when she back from school.

We had to withdraw from Posso because we moved to the east. I have been searching for a preschool that of similar quality with Posso but I am still not successful. When my daughter was with Posso I took everything that provided by Posso for granted and we, like all parents, made endless complaint to the center directors. Now after searching for a good preschool at east coast area for months without any success, I now know Posso is really a very good preschool. I heard they recently increased their school fee to $1500 before subsidy for full day program. But consider all those meaningful courses and interesting activities, this fee is still worth every penny.

My daughter is currently staying at an Montesori preschool. She could not sing any new song or Chinese Poetry since she joined the school three months ago. I asked her what they are doing at school, she told me teacher just ask them to keep practicing writing. I questioned the principal if there is any other activities. Principal replied you can choose to pay to attend any classes! That is really not the answer I expect.

I do miss Posso very much and I wish they could open a branch in the east. I am now desperately searching for a preschool for my daughter. If I still cannot find a good one after Chinese new year, I am seriously considering to send my daughter back to Posso, even though this means I have to drive 40 minutes every morning to send her to school.”

Gareth and Susan, Parents of Madison (N2)

“Madison, has been at Posso Preschool at West Coast Rise for almost two and a half years and we couldn’t be more thankful. The teachers at the school take the time and effort to get to know not just the child but the parents as well and are a genuinely caring, friendly and nurturing set of educators.

We constantly hear about all the fun new things she gets to do and learns at school from Maddie and see a bit of it for ourselves from the pictures shared with us by the teachers. Their classroom learning is supplemented by regular field trips and other various programs, such as Speech and Drama, Cookery and Science classes which truly encourage the children to be curious, observant and to question the world around them. The bilingual approach too has benefited Maddie tremendously as we are a non Chinese-speaking household and she is now at ease with Chinese.

Maddie’s love for the school and eagerness to go to school each day is testament to the fun and caring learning environment being nurtured at the school. We would gladly recommend Posso Preschool at West Coast to all our family and friends.”

Shirleen Toh, Mother of Jairus Ong (K2)

“Posso Preschool is a place of varying experiences for the children. The creative curriculum that includes bakery, play, reading and writing, current affairs time etc promises a fun and enriching time for my kid in school. The nicely planned excursions and school events are also why my child looks forward to going to school! Frequent opportunities to perform have also helped to develop my child’s self confidence. It’s a delightful learning environment for the children!”

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