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About Parent Support Group

The aim of the Parents’ Support Group (PSG) in Posso Preschool is to strengthen the home-school relationship which will contribute to a more vibrant experience for our children. With more parents being involved in their children’s education at school, we are able to promote a loving and conducive environment for our children to learn and grow holistically.

We sincerely hope that parents will take the opportunity to join PSG in organising meaningful activities for the children to enrich their learning beyond classroom learning.

Functions of PSG for parents:

  • Provide on-going support
  • To be a role model and reinforce positive coping behaviour
  • Share information, ideas and resources
  • Provide parenting skills to build more positive relationship with their children
  • Create opportunities for networking among parents

PSG Activities (The PSG co-organises some of Posso Preschool activities which includes):

  • Healthy Eating
  • Chinese New Year Celebration
  • Graduation Concert
  • Annual Sports Meet
  • Teachers’ Day Celebration
  • Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
  • Children Day Celebration
  • Family Bonding Day

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Posso Needs You

Your help and contribution is crucial for PSG to continue to provide support to the school.

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We look forward to your participation, feedback and support. Thank you.

“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” ~ Max Lucado

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