Our Team

The Posso team is made up of passionate, dedicated and highly experienced early childhood educators with the sole objective of delivering a top quality and highly relevant learning experience for your child. Our team is comprised of the following functions:

All our staff have a strong passion for working with children and demonstrate a wide variety of skills to make learning fun and enjoyable. They exhibit a strong work ethic – going the extra mile to ensure your child receives the best opportunity to learn and grow.

Our curriculum planners and teachers come from well-qualified backgrounds, each with their unique expertise such as speech & drama, art & craft, language, phonics, science, IT and cookery, which makes the learning journey at Posso so exciting and multi-faceted.

Each centre is managed by a Centre Director and a Supervisor who oversees the daily operations such as student enrollment, parent-teacher relations, human resource and supported by our general administration and HQ team.

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