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Posso Preschool on The New Paper!

Posso Preschool’s story was covered by The New Paper under their Smart Learning section on 20 May 2015. We thank you for your support!

Nurturing the ‘can do’ spirit – Innovative childcare centre gives holistic lessons which imparts life skills

Posso means “I can” in Italian. At Posso Preschool, children learn to believe in themselves and become self assured and motivated individuals. “The word ‘posso’ is the root of the word ‘possible’, so we want to inculcate the ‘I can’ attitude in our children,” said Mr Andrew Ng (left), executive director of Posso Preschool. Classes at Posso are for children aged between 18 months and six years, and are designed on a modular system. There are separate rooms for different lessons, and children spend 45 minutes in one room before moving on to the next. Ms Belinda Goh, Posso Preschool’s director of schools, said: “The children will be learning from different teachers in a week, so they can benefit from the varied experiences of the teachers.” Mr Ng and Ms Goh (far left) said they were inspired to set up Posso Preschool because of a desire to give quality preschool education to children, and for them to learn through self-discovery instead of rote learning. Posso Preschool has an indoor trampoline park, a science lab, an arts room, a kitchen for children and an indoor drama stage.

Lessons at Posso Preschool are taught in English and Chinese. The lesson plans and training materials are designed by Posso’s team of educators. The staff at Posso Preschool is divided into two groups — one group teaches while the other prepares training materials and lesson plans.

Interactive Projectors

Each room has interactive projectors which screen games and lessons. Ms Goh said: “The children’s activities are also posted on our Facebook page so that the parents can see what their kids have done each day.” Posso Preschool’s outlet at Big Box in Jurong East, which opened last month, has an enrolment of 40 children. Its West Coast outlet has the same number of students. Mr Ng said: “We encourage parents to be involved in their children’s learning journeys and we ensure that the children learn life skills as well.”

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