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Annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony 2017

On 2nd of December 2017, Posso Preschool held its Annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony at Hwa Chong Cultural Centre Theatre. It was a highly anticipated event and the culmination of over 4 months of planning and preparation.

The event began with a scroll presentation ceremony for our graduating batch of Kindergarten 2 children. The tone was bittersweet as the children bade farewell to the preschool chapter and looked ahead to the next phase of their lives. As a symbol of this moving ahead, the graduates then, performed their graduation dance, spurred on by cheers and thundering applause from parents and loved ones present.

The next highlight was the concert proper. Performing our own adaptation of the Jules Verne classic “Around the World in 80 Days”, were the children of both Big Box and West Coast Rise centres. The children, though small, dominated the sprawling stage with their presence and enthusiasm. The spirited dialogue, enthralling dance numbers and dazzling costumes wove together to form the tapestry of an engrossing story that kept the audience at the edge of their seat and stifling the urge to visit the washroom.

We, from Posso Preschool would like to thank all the staff for their sacrifices, children for their hard work and parents for their support in making this event a roaring success!



接下来便是孩子们精彩的汇报演出,博学园Big Box 校区以及西海岸校区的孩子们展示了他们根据经典故事“环游世界80天”改编的整个舞台剧。舞台上的星光闪烁,璀璨着小朋友们的张张笑脸;孩子们虽小,却能以他们的热情和足够的自信主导着整个庞大的舞台。孩子们在绚烂的舞台上穿着华丽的服饰表演,赢得了家长们的阵阵掌声,家长的喜悦之情难以言表。



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