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Annual Concert and Graduation Ceremony 2016

A much anticipated Posso Preschool graduation ceremony and annual concert titled “Reminisce” was staged on 10 December 2016 in the Anglo-Chinese Junior College Auditorium.

For our graduands, it was a memorable day where parents and teachers gathered to celebrate the closing of their preschool years and the beginning of new experiences to come. For all who were involved in the concert, it was a truly wonderful experience where they gave their best performance before their parents and friends. 
Through the concert, we were transported back in time to Singapore of the bygone years and for many of us, it brought back fond memories of the past. We also learn to value our now-modern and progressive country.

The children not only had fun as they performed together, they learnt the importance of friendship, understanding and teamwork as they went through the motion of the concert. Together, they created memories that will be treasured for a lifetime.




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