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Multiple Intelligences

The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, developed by psychologist Howard Gardner, is a scientifically supported system of classifying human abilities, and encourages learning in ways that respect the individual interests and strengths of children. It is more important to discover and develop areas of strengths than to cover up areas of weaknesses.

Parents are encouraged to ask the question: “How is my child smart?” rather than “How smart is my child?” Gardner’s theory provides parents with a way to think about what children do and what they are interested in doing and how to support the uniqueness of each child.

At Posso Preschool, we provide our children with an environment to interact, be involved and be inspired to develop their own Multiple Intelligences. Our programmes adopt a specially designed and proven curriculum to develop the following intelligences:

We start with the right beginning along the path of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory. Parental involvement is highly encouraged even at the onset. Your child is born with surprising possibilities. Let them show you.

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