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Purposeful Play Activities To Do At Home With Your One-Year-Old

Much has been said about the importance of learning through play. However, do parents truly understand the benefits of this concept? Even so, most parents may not know how to carry out meaningful and developmentally appropriate activities at home to help support their child’s development.

Many parents are eager to spend time with their little ones through purposeful playtime at home but they lack the know-how. Besides, the most common challenge is being a time-starved parent in Singapore. If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place to search for some tips and ideas!

Before jumping right in, do understand that every child is unique and different. Not every child will benefit the same way in one activity. Our advice for parents – enjoy the process as you go along and you will discover so much more about your child than you first expected!

As part of our “Play@Posso” parenting tips, you will find some recommended activities that our teachers at Posso conduct in school. These activities are ideal for the busy parent – 15 minutes of your precious time is all you need to help you become a more confident “playful parent”!

12 to 18 months

Congratulations! Your little one has just discovered newfound mobility that accompanies their endless curiosity about the world.

From crawling, cruising or trying to walk, your one-year-old will soon be using a push toy to discover his environment.

Fine motor skills have also developed at this stage, allowing him to confidently pick up small objects and stack some blocks. He will also enjoy listening to your voice, especially during a story-telling session or when you sing a song. They can understand many words and probably respond to some simple commands such as, “Come here”, “Sit down”, “Stand up”, “Take”, “Go”. They may also blabber in gibberish language.

Hence, here are 2 simple suggested activities to do at home:Throw ping pong balls into a box

Yes! We love this as not only is this a fuss-free and simple activity, it also takes just 15 minutes of your time! The goal is to get your child to throw the ping pong balls inside a box. All you need to get started is just some ping pong balls and any type of big box. Great for hand-eye coordination, gross motor skills and lots of simple (stress-free) family fun!

Hide their favourite toy under a blanket

Yet again, an easy game that you can play on-the-go and children love it! Simply hide your child’s favourite toy under a blanket and he will start to look for it when he wants to. When he finds it, hide another (maybe at a different place this time)!

This is a great activity that costs you nothing more than the existing toys your child already has.

Here’s a tip – teach your child to return his “treasure” back to the original spot so as to cultivate good habits too!

We believe these two simple activities will be sufficient to get some ideas rolling for now. In our upcoming blog posts, our teachers will be sharing more ideas and activities for other age groups too.

So stay tuned for updates!

Play@Posso is one of the few series of parenting tips brought to you by Posso Preschool.

Posso Preschool is one of Singapore’s leading preschool education providers, its unique curriculum and environmental setup are specially designed to enhance children’s academic and learning capabilities.

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